iPad Mini model and pricing leaked.

Apple’s iPad Mini is not yet a real product: It has not been announced yet. However, that may change soon with talk of an upcoming event. And now there is a retail inventory system reportedly showing tablet pricing in 4 different storage capacities with WiFi and cellular.


Apple’s iPad Mini has yet to be announced, but the device is reportedly appearing in a consumer electronics retail inventory system, complete with model and pricing information.The MobileGeeks site has a picture of the system, depicting various capacities and wireless capabilities with pricing starting at 249 Euros (US $ 322.60) for an 8 GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi only.

According to MobileGeek’s source, the inventory screen cap is from systems used by Media Market / Saturn; a retail group with 70,000 employees that operates stores in 18 European and Asian markets. Reported capacities for the iPad Mini will be in 8, 16 32 and 64 GB models with WiFi and each will also be available with integrated cellular radios, making for 8 different configurations.

We won’t know for sure if this pricing is accurate until Apple introduces the product, of course. But the prices sound reasonable; especially you translate the Euros directly to US dollars instead of converting them a common practice. In fact, earlier today when recording our weekly podcast, I speculated that a 16GB WiFi iPad Mini would be priced at $ 349; the exact same amount in Euros that MobileGeeks has found.

The new iPod touch priced at $ 299 may have provided some iPad Mini pricing insight. Apple wouldn’t likely have the iPod touch compete directly with a small iPad and if this pricing hold true, it isn’t. My 32GB iPod touch cost $ 299 and the same capacity for an iPad Mini appears to be $ 449; a difference large enough that keeps the two from competing on price, for example.

A trio of Nexus 7 tabletsAt $ 249 for an 8GB model, some will note that the same storage capacity on a Nexus7 or KindleFire HD is $ 50 less. That’s true and it fits with Apple’s ability to get a premium price from those wanting to use its ecosystem of apps and media. In other words, I could easily see people spend the extra $50 for a Mini iPad over Android competitors.

We also know that an 8GB Nexus 7 costs roughly $152 in parts and production. An 8 GB iPad Mini with WiFi would likely cost a similar amount and at $ 249, that gives Apple a 38.6 percent profit margin on the low model with even higher margins on the other models. Based on that, I suspect these prices are legitimate, although they could just be placeholders. At the very least, they certainly make sense to me.

Source: gigaom.

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