Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Apple Logos.

3D Apple Logos

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper choices are from one of my favorite categories – Apple logos. Many of the iPad wallpapers that I’ve kept the longest on my home screens have been from this category.

First up today is the pile of 3D sliver Apple logos on a deep blue background shown above. This one, and all the choices today, are from the Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad app by Stuck Pixel. There are a number of similarly named apps in the App Store so be sure to look for the one with that full title and published by Stuck Pixel. Here’s the App Store link for it.

Next up is this striking 3D feeling image with an Apple logo at its core:

Blue Apple

And finally here’s a slanted Big blue Apple logo with an elegant color scheme:

Slanted Blue 3D Apple

As always, I think all three look great on the iPad home screen. Here they are on my iPad mini:

3D Apple Logos home screen

3D Blue Apple iPad home screen

Big Blue Apple iPad home screen

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