This iPad Case With Keyboard Would Be Perfect For James Bond.


Finally, an iPad case you can use in a fight

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – Some people are really serious about the work they get done on their iPad. Take our Reviews Editor, Charlie Sorrel, for example. Dude, takes his iPad everywhere with him on his crosscountry bike rides to bang out his awesome posts.

The problem with doing serious work with the iPad is that it’s a fairly delicate device. You drop it once and your entire iPad world can be shattered. There are a few cases that can handle a few blows, but the iKey StreetCase is ready to go to war for you.

This is an iPad case that even James Bond would be proud of.  It’s made out of ABS polycarbonate and was designed to handle the high shock and vibration demanded for in-vehicle use. Basically, it was made with cops in mind and the crazy car chases they get into.

On the bottom of the iKey StreetCase is an integrated VESA mounting pattern so you can attach it to anything you want. It has a full-sized, Bluetooth, rechargeable keyboard that’s also backlit with pretty red LEDs. You can carry the case around and feel like you work at NORAD. And if you have to beat up a few bad guys with it you won’t have to worry about your iPad screen because this bad boy can take damage. A firm release date and price haven’t been set yet, but iKey told us they play to launch it at the end of February or beginning of March.


Source:Cult of Mac.

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