UK Judge involved in Samsung vs. Apple case joins Samsung.

iPhone vs. Galaxy

Apparently Samsung were impressed with the judge, Sir Robin Jacob, who was involved in the UK iPad vs. Galaxy Tab trial last year. His legal knowledge and expertise in patent disputes was seemingly impressive enough to land him a job as a patent consultant for the Korean tech giants. Sammy is currently involved in tussle with Ericsson, and he was viewed as an ideal man to have onboard.

Although Jacob wasn’t the judge who made the final decision, he did work on the appeals case and was the one who forced Apple to change its non-apology and write a full and frank statement making it clear that Samsung did not willfully copy Cupertino’s designs.


Apparently, everything is all above board, despite it seeming a little odd. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not this will go further. From a report by Foss Patents (linked above) it doesn’t seem troubling at all to the authorities in charge.

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