The First iPhone 5C Cases Are Already Available To Pre-Order On Amazon.


Planning to get the new “iPhone 5C” when it goes on sale this fall? Well, you’ll want a good case to protect its smooth, plastic back from getting all scratched up, and Amazon already has you covered. Elago Design has begun taking pre-orders for its $24.99 slim fit case, which will ship on August 23.

That’s likely to be weeks before the iPhone 5C (if that is its real name) goes on sale, so be prepared to get impatient every time you see the case sit there on your desk with nothing inside it. Also bear in mind that this design hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, so you could end up with a case that doesn’t fit the iPhone 5C properly.

While Apple may make product specifications available to a select few manufacturers ahead of a major launch, some smaller companies simply build accessories based on rumors in a bid to be first to market with their products. That’s likely to be the case here.

If that doesn’t put you off, the Elago Design cases are available in black, white, and indigo, and all come with an “HD Professional Extreme” screen protector.

“Our new S5C Slim Fit 2 case for the iPhone 5C lets you protect and cover your phone in style! The case was molded to fit perfectly and allows easy, full access to all buttons and ports on your device,” the Amazon listing reads. “Our Slim Fit 2 cases are specially coated to reduce the amount of scratches, oil, and dirt residue left on your phone, all while improving grip quality.”

The iPhone 5C featured in the case pictures looks identical to an iPhone 5 from the front, while the back has rounded edges. The device also features different volume buttons, which are more like the iPod touch’s in shape. This is exactly how we expect the iPhone 5C to look based on the leaked parts we’ve seen, but again, the design isn’t official until Apple announces it.

Source:  Cult of Mac.

Apple Retail employees reportedly getting free iBooks ahead of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks launch.

According to a new report, ahead of the launch of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, Apple Retail employees will be receiving free iBooks. Announced at a quarterly meeting, the move is known internally as “iBooks Discovery” and will be a way to ensure staff familiarity with the iBooks app and store ahead of this fall. With iBooks hitting the Mac for the first time with Mavericks, there are potentially new customers to Apple’s bookstore that will need to be introduced by the Apple Retail employees.

Also in the meetings, the first hints of an upcoming iOS redesign for iBooks were indicated, with the display of the all new, iOS 7 style app icon. Since iOS 7 is such a massive visual overhaul from previous versions, it’s not at all surprising to hear that Apple’s non-baked in apps will be redesigned ahead of the fall.

With the move to the Mac finally happening, it’s clear Apple has no intentions of slowing up on iBooks, and the added functionality with the Mavericks app will add a new level to the reading experience, particularly for Textbooks. Likewise, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of in-store initiatives taking place to prepare Retail Store staff for upcoming launches. With a healthy quarter behind them, the Apple Retail Stores will be seeing a lot more attention, from Apple and from customers, as we approach the new product launches.

Source: iMore.

Bob Mansfield removed from Apple’s executive team, working special projects, reporting only to Tim Cook.


Last year, you may remember Bob Mansfield retiring as SVP. But then, he mysteriously came back. Many stated that it was mostly due to Apple’s relationship with Scott Forstall, the former SVP of iOS. Forstall regularly clashed with other execs, including Mansfield. Having discovered Forstall was leaving, Mansfield ‘came back’ and decided to un-retire.

Today, the tale takes another highly intriguing twist.

Bob Mansfield disappeared from Apple’s executive team profile page with no explanation as to what he was doing and where he was going (oddly enough, he’s still on the UK page). Thankfully, Reuters’ Poornima Gupta got confirmation that Mansfield is still at Apple and will be working on special projects and reporting only to Tim Cook. Sounds pretty cool, right?

“Bob is no longer going to be on Apple’s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to Tim [Cook],”

In the past, the only person to have the privilege of reporting only to the CEO was/is Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru who – with the motivation from Steve Jobs – saved the company with the original, colorful, translucent iMacs at the turn of the new millennium.

Of course, my intrigue could be left entirely unsatisfied, with this being the first step back in to Bob Mansfield’s (second) retirement. I guess we’ll find out soon.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

New iPhone with biometric fingerprint sensor seemingly confirmed by iOS leak.


Looks like the rumors are true: iOS 7 beta 4 has leaked a new folder called “BiometricKitUI.” Based on the description, sent to us by Hamza Sood, it seems pretty clear that Apple is preparing a new iPhone with a fingerprint sensor. The interface is described above, pointing to a user being able to swipe the sensor on the iPhone’s home button.

Sood tells us that the above strings are what an iPhone with VoiceOver on would read to a user. The text:

Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb_;A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process._iPhoto of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb_Recognition is

According to a source familiar with the development of the new iPhone, the user-interface for the fingerprint scanning system has been complete. This person also says that the technology is focused around unlocking the phone, so it is unclear if it is built for a payment system (as rumored) in the next iPhone. We previously reported that Apple’s iWatch will include some biometric related hardware/software features.

Also coming in the new iPhone, likely to look like the iPhone 5, is an improved camera system, A7 processor, and perhaps some new voice and camera features.

Source: 9to5Mac.

DB60 Is Just About The Most Practical Speaker Ever.

The DB60 speaker looks a lot like the tip of an airliner’s wing, ripped off, shrunken, polished and hung on the wall. And it might well be – who knows where the designers got their materials? But once mounted on your wall and hooked up to power, it becomes a Bluetooth speaker of uncommon practicality.

First is that wing, which is now a stylish hardwood shelf for the source device, be it an iPhone or (if you don’t mind a bit of balancing) an iPad. No longer will you need to search for a place to put the phone while it plays music or podcasts.

Next is the USB port, which is there for charging your device. It’s hidden underneath the wing so you won’t see it if you don’t need it, and turns the DB60 into a great charging station. You could even run a cables to a dock up on the shelf if you felt the need.

And of course, there’s Bluetooth for those times when you don’t want to plug the phone into a speaker.

Want one? Then be prepared for a long wait. The DB60 product page is just there for show, and to serve as a destination until the Kickstarter campaign begins. Then go course you’ll have to pitch and wait again for the final delivery, if it ever comes. But the reality is that the publicity has come too early: you will all have forgotten about this when the Kickstarter finally launches, and I’m not going to write it up yet again.

It’s a real shame, as one of these would look great in my kitchen.

Griffin’s Waterproof Survivor+Catalyst Is The Perfect iPhone 5 Beach Buddy.

Griffin’s Waterproof Survivor+Catalyst Is The Perfect iPhone 5 Beach Buddy [Review]

Survivor+Catalyst by Griffin
Category: Cases
Works With:iPhone 5
Price: $70

Just in time for beach season, Griffin’s ruggedized, waterproof iPhone case – the Survivor+Catalyst – arrived at CoM’s Spanish HQ (aka my apartment). And after a month or so of using it and abusing it, I can say its the best rugged case I have used. For the iPhone anyway.

Let’s see why.

What It Is

The Survivor+Catalyst is an ultra-slim, form-fitting plastic case which seals the iPhone 5 inside and protects it from water at depths of up to (down to?) three meters or ten feet. It comes in two parts; the front section which is like a reverse shell-style case, covering the screen and the sides; and the rear panel which is flat and includes the two clamps that keep the pieces together.

In short, if you put your iPhone inside, it’ll survive whatever your day throws at it.

The font section is rimmed with an o-ring in a channel, and the read section pushes on and then compresses this ring when clamped into place. It works great, and its nice to be able to inspect the ring to see that it’s seated properly, thanks to the clear plastic of the shell.

Survivor griffin 1The two halves clamp tightly together.

Once fitted, the phone works as normal. There’s a lens for photos, a pusher to press the home button, a hatch that can be opened to plug in a Lightning cable and a screw-closed hole over the headphone jack. The case even comes with a sealed pass-through adapter which will screw into the jack-hole and let you use waterproof headphones (or regular headphones if you’re using them on a boat, say, and only care about keeping the iPhone safe).

You can even use the touch screen if you follow the instructions and make sure that the front panel is squeezed down to eliminate the air-gap between it and the iPhone’s screen.

The Good

I have showered and dunked my iPhone enough to trust the case completely.

It works great. The case is light and slim, so you can even carry it on your pocket, and even though I haven’t actually taken it swimming, I have showered and dunked the phone enough to trust the case completely. I use it when out running (the included wrist strap is great for this) and when I go to the beach, and now instead of worrying about my iPhone all the time, I can use it (in conjunction with a ruggedized Bluetooth speaker) to annoy all other beach goers without fear of them grabbing my iPhone and tossing it into the sea in a futile attempt to get some peace and quiet.

The fact that everything is accessible makes the case genuinely useful. You can go on a month-long expedition and never take it out, just opening up a flap to charge it or sync it every once in a while. There’s even a clever knob which moves the mute button up and down when you turn it.

Survivor griffin 2Handsome.

The case also has a couple of special membranes for transmitting sound. If you seat the iPhone properly, with its speaker up agains the little interior pad, you can listen to music and even have a normal phone conversation. It might even be a little louder than the naked iPhone, although its also little tinnier.

The Bad

Nothing. If you were to push me, I’d say that the instruction manual goes on a bit, and that you should actually read it before using the case. The first time I tried to use my iPhone in the shower the touch-screen wouldn’t respond. The manual says that you need to open the Lightning hole and rub the case’s screen to expel the layer of air.

The manual also tells you that you should insert the iPhone bottom-first in order not to damage the speaker membrane. I messed this up too, but no harm came of it. I get the feeling the manual is complicated because the case is also quite complex. If fitted properly it works really well. If not, I can imagine that it would leak (a slipped o-ring, for example). And so the manual also functions as a legal prophylactic for Griffin.

The Verdict

The case is excellent. It keeps out dirt, dust and water, and protects agains shocks and vibration. It’s also cool-looking, and very slim and light. In short, if you put your iPhone inside, it will survive whatever your day throws at it. And for just $70 it really is a bargain.

Highly recommended.

The Real Reason Apple Doesn’t Want You Opening Your Mac.


Why does Apple put all kinds of weird screws on your Mac and iPhone that take an Apple Genius to unlock?

Because a little guy lives inside there doing all the work! HaaHAa! *rimshot*

Microsoft commissioned Eldon Dedini to make the comic above and a couple others back in 1985 to poke fun at the Macintosh. The comics were made for Microsoft’s marketing team, but weren’t distributed. To Microsoft’s credit, opening the original Mac was difficult as hell, and it took more tools than just a screw driver – and Apple certainly hasn’t made it any easier since then.

Source: Cult of Mac.