New videos show off possible new iPhone 5S color option.

iPhone 5S

As the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C announcement date gets closer, more parts leaks are beginning to surface. The latest leak consists of two videos that were posted by TLD and BestTechInfo which shows off a new graphite color for the iPhone 5S in addition to a detailed look at the rumored champagne colored iPhone 5S. The first video compares a leaked iPhone 5S rear shell in the champagne color to a current generation iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S shell contains slight differences from the iPhone 5 shell, including repositioned logic board screws and the dual LED flash cutout that we’ve seen on so many other leaked images and videos.

However, BestTechInfo goes a little further with another video that shows off an iPhone 5S rear shell in a new graphite color. The video notes that it is similar to the silver iPhone, but with a little bit of black mixed in. It compares the iPhone 5S rear shell in two different colors, and displays it alongside an iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 shell. The iPhone 5S doesn’t look too different from the current iPhone 5, though it is expected to sport a new A7 processor, a dual LED flash, and even a home button fingerprint sensor.

I prefer the graphite color over any of the other rumored options, though it is possible it’s just a test model and won’t exist when the iPhone 5S is announced. Hopefully, Apple does decide to offer the iPhone in multiple colors, including the graphite and champagne.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10th, followed by a release on September 20th.

Source: AppleTell.

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