Hate the Reminders app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

Best reminder and task apps for iPhone


iOS 7 brought with it a whole new design language and complete overhaul for several of the built-in apps, including Reminders. While some might enjoy the new, colorful car look, others… not so much. Luckily, the App Store is home to almost a million apps, including a slew of to-do and task-oriented alternatives. But which ones are the best, and most importantly, the best for you? Keep reading!


Clear+ is a universal version of the original Clear app that bundles support for both iPhone and iPad. Not only is Clear+ super simple, it’s gesture-based navigation and control system lets you get things done with ease. A simple pull down action lets you create a new task or list. Just keep hitting enter to create multiple tasks inside the same list. There’s also iCloud support which means your Clear task lists stay in sync across all your iOS devices. It doesn’t get much more straight forward than Clear.

If you don’t need notifications and want something as fast as it is simple, get Clear+.


Any.DO gives you options but doesn’t demand complexity. For example, you can sort tasks into folders if you want to, but you don’t have to. You can mark things as important and share tasks with friends. Any.DO also supports both location-based and timed reminders just like the built-in Reminders app does. All your tasks will sync to your Any.DO account which you can either create or use in conjunction with your Facebook account. It is, however, iPhone only.

If you don’t need a reminders app for iPad and but do want something that works well with the web, Any.DO is the way to go.


Not only does Wunderlist have an iPhone and iPad app, but Mac and Windows apps also. You can even log in through a web browser and have access to your tasks from anywhere. Wunderlist has all the features of a traditional task app, but keeps clutter out of your way. For example, you can create different lists/projects but dump things in an inbox to sort later. Wunderlist also has a collaboration feature that allows you to mark up and leave notes on tasks for colleagues and anyone else you’re sharing lists with.

If you don’t need location based reminders but would like a little more control over sorting and sharing tasks, go with Wunderlist.


Listastic is just as colorful as the iOS 7 Reminders app, but adds a lot more gestures for quick navigation and control. The layout is bold, and intuitive. Your main screen shows you a view of all your lists and a badge count next to each of how many tasks you have within that particular list. Tapping into any of them will show your tasks. Swipe to the right to complete a task or swipe to the left to postpone it until later. Listastic also supports sharing lists with others but that comes at a price unless you want to subscribe to premium.

If you like the built-in Reminders app but simply want more, Listastic has you covered.


With Begin you have two options: do it today or put it off until tomorrow. Use left and right swipe gestures to either mark your reminders as complete or to move them to tomorrow. That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you use apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts, there’s third party support for those as well. Unfortunately, Begin doesn’t currently have an iPad app.

If you need something absolutely simple to start with, it doesn’t get better than Begin.

Source: iMore.


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