Most popular iPhone colors are space gray and blue.

iPhone Color Breakdown

One of the coolest things about Apple’s new iPhone 5c is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors. There have long been rumors about a colorful iPhone that would break the traditional white and black mold for devices, and this year was the year that we saw Apple break out of its shell. However, it also came in the variety of adding a gold iPhone 5s to the line up as well. Now, if you’re anything like me, you have probably wondered which colors sold the best. While I personally would have gone with the space gray iPhone 5s, and either the blue or white iPhone 5c, I never knew where others stood on the idea. Now, thanks to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP), we can get an idea of which colors have sold the best.

As evident in the chart above, my color choices would have been among the most popular (I say would have because I’m still tied down to a contract, so I’m stuck with my iPhone 5). The space gray iPhone 5s accounts for 43% of sales, while silver and gold are close to each other at 30% and 27% respectively. While the gold number is respectable, it is still quite a bit higher than I anticipated. I personally am not a huge fan of the gold iPhone, or the idea of a gold phone, but it seems like Apple has been successful with its new color choice.

iPhone 5c Color Breakdown Gender

When it comes to the iPhone 5c, blue is the most popular color, but white is not far behind. Blue and white combined account for 52% of all iPhone 5c sales. These have definitely been the most popular colors, and pink and green are actually not too far behind. Yellow is the outcast in the group, only accounting for 7% of sales. The charts also go on to break down the device sales by gender as well.

From CIRP co-founder Mike Levin:

“iPhone 5S and 5C colors seem to confirm some traditional gender biases. In the iPhone 5C, men prefer the neutral white, and the Space Gray in the iPhone 5S. In contrast, women prefer lighter silver 5S and the brighter iPhone 5C colors. Interestingly, no one, including the women in the survey, appears to want the Yellow iPhone 5C very much.”

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