Gneo, A Fresh Paper-Like Take On To-Do Apps.


Imagine that your task list was made up of a bunch of little slips of paper that you can slide around in any order, only these slips can’t blow away. That’s the central metaphor for Gneo, a universal task manager app which starts out looking like the ultra-simple Clear app, but hides a lot of power under the hood.

 I still hanker after the perfect task app. I was an Omnifocus user for ages, but the slow sync-on-launch and the weirdly difficult UI made me leave it. These days I use my e-mail as a task manager, which is supposedly a terrible idea but works amazingly well for me (I can write a post on it if you like. It’s a pretty simple and neat setup).

Gneo takes a few cool to-do list ideas and seems to combine them into an intuitive design. You can drag tasks around the canvas (different “canvasses” correspond to different projects) and also view them on a grid of importance vs. urgency. Natural-language parsing helps with adding metadata (like due dates) to reminders, and two-way Evernote syncing gives both a backup and integration with a whole universe of apps and services.

The only thing I haven;t found so far is a way to add tasks via e-mail, but I expect Evernote could offer a way around that.

The app will cost your $10, which is great news if you turn out to like it, as it means the developer is (hopefully) making enough money to continue improving the app. And today you can get is for just $5 with a Thanksgiving offer.

Source: Cult of Mac.

iPhone 5s production in numbers: 500K phones a day, 600 workers per iPhone.


WSJ piece on Foxconn ramping up production of the iPhone 5s to meet demand provided an interesting glimpse at some of the numbers involved.

Foxconn operates 100 production lines, which are now operating at maximum capacity 24/7 to turn out 500,000 iPhones 5s handsets per day according to the report. Each iPhone represents the combined work of around 600 people. The unnamed Foxconn source said that this amounted to 100 people more than for the iPhone 5c due to the increased complexity of the high-end phone …

For the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5, we only have 500 workers per production line as the assembly procedure is less complicated.

While the relationship between Apple and Foxconn is a crucially important one to both companies, each side is reportedly looking to reduce its reliance on the other – Apple looking to diversify its supply chain, and Foxconn keen to retain capacity for other clients. Apple currently represents around 40 percent of Foxconn’s revenue.

Availability of the 5s was initially heavily constrained, especially the gold model whose popularity appeared to take Apple by surprise. It was suggested yesterday that supplies may have almost caught up with demand, but we wouldn’t recommend relying on this if you plan on buying one as a holiday gift.

Source: 9to5Mac.

iHome Unveils Bluetooth Headphones And A Blinker-Earphone Combo For After-Hour Fitness Buffs.


iHome’s iB85 Bluetooth headphones .

If Cult of Mac ever created an award for “Most Prolific i-Gadget Maker,” there’s little doubt it would eventually end up in a cabinet at iHome’s headquarters (or possibly more accurately in a cabinet at their parent company, SDI technologies, which also owns New Balance and Timex).

Of the four new gadgets iHome has just revealed, the two we’re highlighting are a set of Bluetooth headphones endowed with the unimaginative moniker of iB85 Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones and the somewhat more interestingly named iB12 Sport Earbuds with LED Safety Flasher — though the latter’s name is perhaps only more interesting simply because it combines the words “Safety Flasher” and “Earbuds.”

The interesting feature of the otherwise, at least on paper, unremarkable iB85 is its pricetag. There are other Bluetooth headphones out there equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and enough power for a claimed 30-foot range; but $150 for such a pair seems like a comparatively good deal — provided they pass muster, of course.

Then there’s the iB12. In what seems like an effort to grab hold of the exploding fitness technology trend, iHome has created its FIT line, to which the iB12 — a $25 set of canalphones packaged with an LED blinker that doubles as a cable organizer — belongs. It’s laudable that iHome has expanded its offerings to try and reach out to the fitness crowd. But in an era of sweatproof Bluetooth earphones and bike-ready Bluetooth speakers, we’re not entirely convinced a set of earphones wrapped around a blinker is going to cut it.


The iB12 Sport Earbuds with LED Safety Flasher.

Source: Cult of Mac.

How to close all open Safari tabs in just a few taps in iOS 7.

How to close all open Safari tabs in just a few taps in iOS 7

For those that use Safari for iPhone and iPad frequently, you may find yourself in situations where you have lots of open tabs. While you can always close out individual Safari tabs in iOS 7 by swiping them to the side, there’s a super easy way to get rid of all of them in a mere matter of seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Safari app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the all windows button in the lower right hand corner of the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Now tap on Private in the bottom navigation.
  4. Now tap on Close All.

That’s all there is to it. All open Safari tabs will be closed instantly. If you’d like to turn off Private Browsing, just tap on the Private button one more time. You can of course still clear selective ones out by just swiping if you’d like. This is just a handy way to get rid of all tabs if you’ve got lots of them open.

Source: iMore.

‘Jobs’ movie now available on iTunes.

ashton jobs

Just a few short months after its cinematic release towards the end of the summer, Jobs has finally been released for sale on iTunes, and can be purchased rented elsewhere. Reviews in the summer were far from complimentary, with the movie only serving as a jump from device to device without paying too much attention to what should have been the main focus of the story: Jobs, the man.

On iTunes you can purchase the movie for $19.99 in HD, or $14.99 in standard definition. You can also rent the movie for $4.99 (HD) or $3.99 (SD), which – if you really want to see it – might be your best option. It’s also available as a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD with UltraViolet combo on Amazon for $22.99.

One for All turns your iPad into a giant universal TV remote with Nevo.

One for All, known for a range of universal TV remotes has expanded its range to now include the iPad with the Nevo WiFi bridge and accompanying application. Also compatible with Android tablets, the Nevo gives you the biggest universal remote you could probably want in your home.

The WiFi bridge element is placed somewhere in the same room as your TV – or other compatible home entertainment equipment – and receives the signal from your iPad and then turns it into a friendlier Infra Red signal. If you’re using a compatible set-top box or TV you also get an interactive programming guide. Two weeks of information can be stored here complete with photos and cast information.

The Nevo costs £59 with a free download for the app, and is available from a variety of retailers

‘Toaster’ dual-iPhone charging dock appears on Kickstarter.

The Foaster is a new novel charging dock for your iPhone and the creators are currently running a Kickstarter to put this neat dock into production. As you can tell from the video, the novelty here is the fact it resembles a toaster. The creators say that the kitchen is one of the most common places where people charge their phones, so they thought they would design a dock to suit.

However, there’s no reason that this funky accessory can’t be located in other rooms. It will fit in quite easily elsewhere as a novelty item. The gimmicky design — surprisingly — does have some functional advantages: the dock can charge two iPhones simultaneously and can be operated with a single hand. The lenient design of the enclosure also means that the dock is quite flexible and supports any iPhone equipped with a Lightning port (i.e. the iPhone 5, the 5s and the 5c). The company claims it will fit many phone cases as well.


When docked, the phones screen is partially obscured. Whilst the phone isn’t really operable in this state, important notifications can still be seen at a glance. This is meant as a charging station anyway, so isn’t really that much of a drawback.

One of the beauties of the iPhone’s design is Apple’s insistence that it can be used with one hand. Why then, should it take two hands to charge your phone? foaster’s brilliant design makes it easy to insert your phone into one of the slots to begin charging. The size of the slots has been optimized based on extensive study of dimensions of “bare” iPhones, as well as “standard-sized” cases. (Sorry, Otterboxes and other cases designed to take a bullet probably won’t fit foaster.) Ready to get your phone out? Even if one hand is busy holding a kitten or a chainsaw- all you need is one free hand to easily grab your phone and go! (Please do not attempt to hold both a kitten AND a chainsaw while using foaster. Our testing did not end well.)

The Kickstarter campaign is five days into its thirty day window, with $3,500 dollars so far pledged to the project. The project has a goal of $40,000. If the goal is met, Covena Design expects to ship the Foaster to backers in March of next year.