Apple Watch website updated with new product details and UI information.

Apple last week provided a bit of a makeover to its Apple Watch webpage, adding a number of interesting tidbits regarding the device’s UI and functionality.

Specifically, three new sections were added: TimekeepingNew Ways to Connect, and Health & Fitness.

Under the Timekeeping section, Apple highlights the myriad of ways in which users can customize their chosen watchface. Of particular interest are small pieces of information called Complications. As detailed by Apple, complications are lightweight data points that are consistently displayed on the watch. Per Apple’s website, user’s can choose from a selection of 10 complications.

Many watches include a few specialized functions – known in watchmaking as complications – that go beyond telling the time. But Apple Watch comes with a full range that can be added to most faces. Some complications are traditional, such as moon phases or sunrises and sunsets. And some are unique to Apple Watch, like stock quotes, weather reports, your next calendar event, and a daily activity tracker. When you tap a complication, Apple Watch opens the corresponding app.

Other options include a timer, a stopwatch, and a world clock.

Note that complications are optional and any combination can be chosen, as visualized in the example below. Note that the location of each complication varies depending on which watchface is chosen

The “new ways to connect” section naturally focuses on all of the ways users can connect with other Apple Watch users, from sending text messages, animated sketches, and yes, even hearbeats.

All in all, anyone with a even a passing interest in Apple’s upcoming watch should check out the revamped website. There’s a lot of information to pore through, including some snapshots of some previously undisclosed app UIs.

For instance, the Apple Watch stopwatch will come with three views to choose from, digital, analog, and hybrid. All three are elegant in their own way, but as a quick illustration here’s what the hybrid view looks like.

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