Today Best iPhone 6 Accessories.

Looking for the best iPhone 6 accessories? Here’s a guide to all the essential accessories that you need to make life with an iPhone even better. Whether you’re looking for little accessories you use every day with your iPhone 6, or creative accessories that enhance your home’s Apple ecosystem, there’s something on this list for every need (and every budget.) Read on to see our picks for the iPhone 6 accessories you just can’t live without. (NOTE: prices listed are subject to change over time.)

 SmartThings Smart Home Starter Kit

Check out a demo of a house with SmartThings home automation installed in the video above.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of having a “smart home,” then this starter kit from SmartThings is the perfect first step. This kit includes one SmartThings Hub, one SmartSense motion sensor, one SmartSense open/closed sensor, and one SmartSense presence sensor. With these items, you can get notifications on your iPhone 6 about the comings and goings of your family members.

You also get alerts in the event of break-ins and floods, and you can even use one of the sensors to help ensure that you never lose your keys again. The home of the future can be yours for relatively little money, and the ability to control your smart devices from your phone never gets old. There are no monthly fees, and set-up involves no messy wires and takes just 15 minutes.

Price: $199

Buy it here.


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Makes you feel more connected and secure
  • Batteries included
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to set up and customize


  • For best experience, this will require many small “smart” updates to your home over time
  • Could use some back-end improvements to offer more types of notification options
  • Some users find the companion app “counter-intuitive”
  • Hub range is somewhat limited
  • Some smart home devices may have an incorrect status displayed in the app

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