What Happens When Apple Features Your App.

Catching the eye of Apple is something most app developers dream of, but how much is an Apple Design Award or game of the year title really worth?

We now have a general idea thanks to a recent infographic released by Monument Valley’s developers, which shows a spike in revenue each time Apple officially recognized the app.

Monument Valley infographic revenue

After winning an Apple Design Award in June, Monument Valley saw a jump from ~$15,000 in revenue per day to ~ $25,000, suggesting Apple’s award was worth at least $10,000, though the game enjoys a nice bump in revenue in the days following as well, and the full value of the award could extend even further thanks to the increased notoriety.

Interestingly enough, the game saw an even bigger spike in revenue after Apple named Monument Valley as its iPad Game of the Year, spiking from ~ $13,000 to over $30,000 in daily revenue, and increasing further still to well over $40,000 in the following days. This represents a boost of at least $27,000 in revenue, and it would appear that winning Game of the Year leads to a bigger jump in revenue compared to receiving an Apple Design Award.

Of course, Monument Valley is a good example of how games can be honored multiple times by Apple within the same year, and with over 81% of the game’s total revenue coming from iOS, it certainly seems like developing for iPhone is still where all the money is at.

You can buy Monument Valley for $3.99 for iOS here


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