Need to find a hotspot? WiFi Map has 2M of them for you.


The app just crossed the 7 million user line and those people have been busy: WiFi Map shows more than 2 million hotspots around the world. But knowing where there’s Wi-Fi access and actually getting that access are two different things. That’s why WiFi Map also allows its users to document passwords and add comments about the hotspots, making it easier to get online. And a fair number of WiFi Map users do contribute such data. According to the company, 24 percent have added at least one tip, while 17 percent have added a hotspot to the growing map of internet access: 140,000 new hotspots are added per month, on average.

WiFi Map comes in a both a free and Pro option in the iTunes App Store. What’s the difference? The $4.99 Pro version is aimed at travelers who may not have mobile broadband access at all times; this edition helps them find Wi-Fi hotspots even while they’re offline.

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