Seidio OBEX Combo rugged case for iPhone 6.

Seidio OBEX Combo rugged case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

It’s so nice to see the flood of new cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially in the special genre of rugged cases. While some manufacturers are still trying to figure out how they’re going to keep the big iPhones dry and protected, Seidio has jumped out with the OBEX Combo for iPhone 6 (US$89.95, on sale for $69.07) and iPhone 6 Plus ($99.95, on sale for $83.20).


  • Dimensions (iPhone 6): 6.02 x 0.49 x 3.16 inches (152.84 x 12.36 x 80.25 mm)
  • Weight (iPhone 6): 1.9 ounces (53.87 grams)
  • Dimensions (iPhone 6 Plus): 6.80 x 0.50 x 3.59 inches (172.77 x 12.61 x 91.07 mm)
  • Weight (iPhone 6 Plus): 1.9 ounces (53.87 grams)
  • Meets IP68 rating for dust- and water-proofness.
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810F drop protection standard


As with most rugged cases, the OBEX Combo (the combo refers to a combination of colors) is built like a tank. That doesn’t keep the design from being Touch ID compatible, which is a plus. The case can be submerged in water up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) deep indefinitely, or up to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for 30 minutes. Rubber plugs keep the ports sealed against water and dust.

The iPhone’s touchscreen is a little bit less sensitive due to a second screen protector that’s provided, but it worked well after I got used to pressing just a bit harder on the screen. The case comes with a holster clip for belt mounting, just what you’d want when driving heavy machinery around a construction site or walking around a factory.

The case comes in four color combos, hence the name – black and gray, white and gray, ping and gray, and yellow and gray.


As with most of these rugged cases, the case needs to be properly installed in order to maintain waterproofness. You’ll want to watch the company’s installation video for details:

Still, the OBEX Combo was much easier to install than some competing cases I’ve reviewed.

I liked the fact that the belt clip swivels and that the holster locks onto the case. I don’t know how many times I’ve had phones that have just “jumped out of” holsters, so this is a nice design feature.

I didn’t try dunking the phone in the case, but it seems extremely solid and the rubber stoppers for the headphone and Lightning ports feel very secure. The case also features raised edges that should help protect the screen, and the screen protector itself has a 4H hardness rating.

If there’s one negative about the OBEX Combo, it’s that it did seem a bit “slick” to me. The TPSIV (Thermoplastic Silicone Vulcanizate) rubber strip around the sides of the case is ridged on the corners, but not on the sides where it would provide a more secure grip.


Seidio has created a rather slim, but very protective case in the OBEX Combo. While it’s not inexpensive, the level of protection afforded by this case can keep your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from a variety of damage if you spend a lot of time outside or in hazardous conditions.

Rating: 3-1/2 stars out of 4 stars possible


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