Incredible Apple Watch app concepts show utility of upcoming wearable

Apple Watch Concept 1

Judging by Apple’s keynote unveiling the device, Apple Watch will come loaded with features, mini-apps and experiences for the wearer fresh out of the box. Link it up to your iPhone and you’ll have access to all kinds of information in a glance-able format, your notifications and alerts, and new, unique communication methods like Digital Touch. Where the Watch will really come into its own, though, is in third-party applications that enable us to do even more with the device.

Developers can already work on extending their apps out from the iPhone and onto the smaller Watch screen and providing actionable notifications or Glances. Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his excitement at some of the innovation he’s seeing in this area.

A number of designers have begun mocking up their favorite apps for Apple Watch before, and a slew of concepts (re)surfaced today.

Swarm Apple Watch Concept

First up,  a project from The Letter Society design collaborative which set out to “create a new use for Apple Watch” which included a number of contributions mocking up UIs for popular apps like UberMintGarminSwarmGoogle TranslateShazam and more.

Shazam Apple Watch Concept

Some of the implementations look incredible, particularly for the types of light interactions you need for check-ins with Swarm or quickly identifying a song with Shazam — two functions I can see the Apple Watch being extremely useful for.

Apple Watch Concept 3

Over at The Tech Block, they searched out designers that are coming up with new ideas for the Watch like the watch-face with integrated transportation information at the top of this post from Bureau Oberhaeuser, as well as a reimagining of OfficeTime time-tracking software for the small screen by Eduardo Santos and an easy way to find your friends with a compass-like UI thought up by Alex Deruette, above and below.

If you’re interested in seeing concepts for many of your favorite apps reimagined and reworked for the Apple Watch screen as well as a number of new uses for the Watch, I’d recommend checking out the all of source links below. Roll on April!

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