Meet your new favorite calendar app for iOS.

The one app to rule them all. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Readdle’s calendar app, Calendars 5, brings all the natural language and sync goodness of other high-end calendar apps, along with support for your Google or iOS calendar, to your iPhone and iPad at the same time in one three-dollar app. Plus? When you add an event to Calendars 5, it shows up on your Google calendar (or iOS Calendar if you roll that way).

Two way sync? Natural language event creation? iOS Reminders support? Recurring events? Invitations? Apple or Google Maps integration? Works offline or online?

This is gonna be your new favorite calendar app, if it isn’t already.

The built-in Calendar app on your iPhone and iPad is ok, I guess. It syncs with your Mac if you want to, and will import third-party calendars from Microsoft and Google.

If you’re an avid Google calendar user like myself, however, you might find it kind of lacking. Similarly, Google’s own calendar app is disappointing – it requires you be online all the time. That’s just not reality for a majority of us, urban dweller or no.

The killer feature is the full two-way sync between Calendars 5 and Google Calendar

I’ve relied on the amazing Fantastical 2 app on my iPhone, which pulls in Google calendar data just fine, and doesn’t need to always be online to see the calendar events. The problem is that it’s only a one-way sync. If I create an event in the app, it won’t show up on my Google calendar. Plus? If you want to use it on your iPad, you have to buy a second app.

When I checked out Calendars 5 today, I discovered that it meets all of my calendaring needs, and then some. It syncs with your iOS calendar (which syncs with your Mac’s Calendar app, so it’s all seamless) or Google Calendar, and will bring in your iOS Reminders as well, as tasks you can check off as you go about your day.

The killer feature, as far as I’m concerned, is the full two-way sync between Calendars 5 and Google calendar. I created an event on my iPhone this afternoon, and it appeared on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Google calendar, which I usually access via the web on my laptop. It’s slick, requires only a login to Google calendar, and just works.

The natural language event creation is great here, too. I was able to type in “Meet Daniel for jam session at 8:30 pm next Tuesday” and Calendars 5 just put that into my calendar. No spinning dials or tapping in start and end times–it’s just that simple. You can even use your voice to create events with your iPhone’s built-in voice dictation.

List view is pretty fantastic, as well. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Getting around the calendar is easy enough, with pleasant layouts for both portrait and landscape view. A simple tap on the top Menu button lets you choose a Task, List, Day, Week, or Month view, and these all move around depending on the orientation of your iPhone screen. Tap along the bottom to switch days in Day view, or weeks and months in the other views. If you use the Task features in this app, they’ll auto-sort into Today, Upcoming, and Completed Lists. Un-dated tasks show up in the All tasks list, making this a fairly robust To Do solution, as well as a calendar.

Ultimately, I’ve replaced Fantastical on my iPhone. Having Calendars 5 on my 6 Plus as well as my iPad makes me a very happy integrated camper, but it’s the two-way connection between Google Calendar and Calendars 5 that really sold me on the app.

If you’re sold on it, too, you can get your own copy right now for a respectable $2.99.


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