Keep Your Phone Steady As She Goes While Driving With Airframe Vent Clip.

I’ve tried vent clips before as a way to keep my phone in place in my car, but many of them have springs or plastic clips that don’t do a good job or break. If that leads to a phone falling, that could be an expensive problem. So my phone usually ends up in a cup holder, which makes it harder to access for GPS navigation, music control, or phone calls. Of course, make sure you don’t drive when distracted, or let yourself be distracted while driving!

So when I saw the Airframe from Kenu ($24.95), I was excited. The Airframe is a well-designed, well-engineered, well-built universal vent clip that can expand to support phones with screens as big as six inches! So an iPhone 6 Plus, even in a case, should be okay.


The Airframe’s vent clip connection is unique. Instead of adjustable plastic clips or springs, the Airframe relies on hard rubber grips that can accommodate just about any vent. The clip looks like a cake decorating tip, but it works well. One caveat: the makers recommend against running the heat on a vent that is obstructed by a phone. That makes sense, as you don’t want the phone to overheat. You can even take the Airframe with you and turn it into a stand by inserting a credit card or similar item, thanks to the unique design of the clip.



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