Auto-lock & protect your Mac every time you walk away with Sesame 2.

CoM_Sesame 2
Computer security should be of paramount concern to everyone. Your system holds valuable information that, if compromised, can cause you big headaches.

The Sesame 2 Auto-Lock Keychain for Mac makes it easy to secure your computer every single time you walk away from it and it’s available at Cult of Mac Deals right now for a low low price.

The Sesame 2 Auto-Lock Keychain is a simple, unassuming device that fits inconspicuously on your keychain, lanyard, or in your pocket. Keep it on you at all times and, when you walk away from your Mac, your computer will automatically lock. When you return, it will automatically unlock and all of your work will be just as you left it. It’s like freezing your Mac in time and only you hold the key to unfreeze it.

It’s easy to customize the parameters of the Sesame 2. Set the distance required to lock and unlock your Mac and you can increase security by using Sesame as a two-factor authentication solution so you will know that only you can access your data.

The Sesame 2 communicates with your Mac via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection that minimizes energy consumption. While it does utilize your Mac’s battery power, the amount is negligible and certainly worth the added peace of mind it provides.

The device is compatible with many Mac computers included iMacs, MacBook Air, Pro, and more.

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