This great free iPhone widget adds a full phone app to Notification Center.

Best iPhone Widgets

Apple’s introduction of widget support in iOS 8 came as a surprise to some people, but it still wasn’t the true widget support many power iPhone users had been clamoring for. Instead of allowing developers to build widgets that might provide zero-touch access to information on the home screen, Apple added a widget section to the Today tab in Notification Center. It’s a compromise that added widgets to iOS without harming battery life, though iOS widgets aren’t quite as useful as widgets on other platforms like Android.

Every once in a while, however, we come across a very cool widget that makes iOS 8 seem like new all over again.

YoBu is a nifty free app by iOS developer Harshdeep Singh that adds a fully functional phone app to the widget panel in Notification Center.

The app includes a dialer that lets you dial numbers, and it also searches your phone book as you dial. So, for example, if you want to call “Zach Epstein,” you can begin dialing 9 for Z, 2 for A and so on, and “Zach Epstein’s” contact info will appear to the left of the dialer. This allows you to call anyone in your phone book in a few simple taps.


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