Apple may offer personal engravings for Apple Watch.

Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch will be the most personal device ever, and that might include engravings too.

Apple plans to offer personalized engravings for online purchases of the Apple Watch, according to a new rumor. The site’s sources claim Apple hasn’t finalized when it will begin offering engravings, but the customization will almost certainly emerge eventually.

Apple lets customers engrave pretty much everything except MacBooks and Apple TV remotes. Adding engravings to Apple Watch wouldn’t be much of a surprise, and may in fact be expected by some customers, considering it’s being marketed as a piece of jewelry.

Where Apple plans to put the engravings though is still unclear. The back of the Apple Watch only has a few small areas of open metal on the back. There are engravings around the heart rate sensors for the Apple Watch serial number and model, but fitting in many more words would be a difficult task.

Full details of the Apple Watch are expected to be announced at an event on March 9th. Cult of Mac will be live blogging all the action, including all the info on how to personalize the Apple Watch.


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