Today Best iPhone 6 Accessories.

iphone 6 accessories

If you want to play music on your iPhone 6, this accessory offers easy music streaming and room-filling sound. This wireless, Bluetooth-capable speaker plays nice with your iPhone 6, as well as your iPod Touch or an iPad. If you don’t have a receiver that supports AirPlay or Bluetooth, this speaker fits the bill nicely (and at the fraction of the cost of a full TV audio receiver.)

Price: $128.99

Buy it here.


  • Seamless Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Speaker works up to 50 feet away from your iPhone
  • Dual drivers
  • Listen up to 10 hours straight on a single charge
  • Lightweight, and comes with its own carrying case


  • Speaker may not always work 50 feet from your device based on environmental conditions
  • Battery life can vary depending on real world conditions
  • Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles in their lifetime
  • Limited color options
  • Only has a two-year warranty

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