How much every Apple Watch band costs.

Apple Watch. Photo: Apple

The Apple Online Store is back up and along with revealing how exorbantly expensive the Apple Watch Edition will be, Apple has revealed the difference pricing level for its various bands.

Right now the Apple Store only carries seven different band styles. We imagine more will be come out as the product line progresses, but it looks like you’ll only be able to get the Classic Buckle if you throw down $10k for the Apple Watch Edition. The Sport watch bands come with two bands in the box: one small, one large.

Here are the different price points:

  • 38mm Sport Band – $49.00
  • 42mm Sport Band – $49.00
  •  42mm Leather Loop  – $149.00
  • 38mm Milanese Loop $149.00
  • 38mm  Modern Buckle – $249.00
  • 38mm Modern Buckle – $249.00
  • 42mm Link Bracelet – $449.00

The Store also reveals that Apple Watch charging cables will cost between $29.99 – $39.99 depending if you want 1 meter or 2 meters in length.

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