Portable batteries for Apple Watch have already arrived.

Keep your Apple Watch alive for longer with Nomad Pod. Photo: Nomad

It seemed like it took accessory makers forever to make battery pack cases for the iPhone, but companies are wasting no time with Apple Watch accessories, and the first portable battery for Apple’s wearable is already here.

Nomad introduced it’s answer for the Apple Watch’s battery woes with the Pod, a small portable power station for your Apple Watch that will keep it ticking well past the 18 hour battery life Tim Cook promised.


The Nomad Pod houses a high density 1800mAH lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can completely recharge your Apple Watch from dead to 100% four times.

It’s smaller than a hockey puck, weighs a mere 80 grams, and also packs a cable manager for the Apple Watch. There are also three color options to match your style. Pricing starts at $59 with the first 5000 units expected to ship in June. Not soon enough to recharge your Apple Watch on launch day, but just in time to give your first wearable extra power for the summer.

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