iPhone 6s concept: Apple Watch crown added.

iPhone 6s Concept Apple Watch

We’re now in the lull period between the time the last iPhone launched and the time when leaks of new iPhone models start popping up. This is the perfect time for aspiring designers to create gorgeous renders of their dream iPhones, many of which we’ve highlighted in the past. On Wednesday, a new iPhone 6s concept that… isn’t so gorgeous but is nonetheless interesting.

In fact, as you can see in the picture below, the proposed iPhone 6s has actually integrated the Apple Watch’s digital crown to add a new dimension to the iconic smartphone.


This concept was created by ADR Studio, which says on its website that the crown was added to the iPhone to “allow you to have a deep control of the device, thanks to a new Sense Button, a new set of sensors that catch your gestures and movements.”

Of course, the reason Apple designed a digital crown for the Apple Watch in the first place was that it felt the device’s display was too small for users to rely solely on a touch-based interface. With a 4.7-inch iPhone display, that’s not nearly as big an issue and it’s also why we’ll likely never see a crown on an iPhone.

Check out more renders of the Apple Watch-iPhone hybrid by clicking here.

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