Hidden iOS 8 trick lets you change words to ALL CAPS with a tap.

Shouting can be an important part of your internet experience. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Sometimes you just need to emphasize something. One of the best ways to do so when you’re texting is to make the words you really need to get across in all capitals, or all caps. Or maybe you just want to shout at someone, and an ALL CAPS sentence will certainly get that across for you.

Before now, I’ve always just deleted the word I was trying to emphasize and re-typed it after double tapping the Shift key in iOS (for Caps Lock). Now, however, it looks like you can change the case of the word after you’ve typed it without any deleting needed.

Here’s how.

When you’re typing on your iPhone, in Messages, Notes or even Pages, you’ll need to highlight the word you want to change case. You can double tap the target word, or tap and hold in the word itself and then tap on Select.

Once highlighted, you’ll double tap on the Shift key, effectively making it a Caps Lock key. Make sure the QuickType bar is visible, and you’ll see the word you highlighted in dramatic ALL CAPS style. Tap on it in the QuickType bar and it will replace your boring old lowercase word.

It only seems to work with single words, and they’ll need to be in the iOS dictionary for the delightful madness of calling someone out with all capital letters. Have at it!

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