Lego brick master turns heads with turntable.

Working turntable, speakers and tube amp by Lego artist Hayarobi. Photo: LoctiteGirl/Flickr CC

Standing in front of a classic turntable, you might not expect to be impressed by the brick work

But it’s the first thing that comes to mind when beholding the sci-fi hi-fi created by Korean Lego artist Hayarobi.

No detail is overlooked on Hayarobi’s record player, which he called The Planet. It consists of more than 2,400 pieces and is powered by a Lego Power Functions Battery Box and LEGO Power Functions M-Motor, according to Huh Magazine.

The tonearm has Lego wheels as counterweights. Photo: LoctiteGirl/Flickr CC

Hayarobi even created a tube amp and speaker cases. Lego tires, like those for cars and trucks, are used as counterweights on the tonearm. It plays 33 1/3 and 45 records and was featured at the 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition in November.

Artists like Hayarobi are a unique subset of the LEGO culture, able to imagine details and shapes not immediately apparent when looking at loose bricks in a box.

To view other pieces by him, there is a Korean website for Lego enthusiasts. You may not be able to understand the text, but the pictures of Hayarobi’s work tell enough of a story about the way the artist’s eye sees no limits.

Hayarobi also seems to have a pretty good ear for making Legos sound good. See and listen for yourself with the YouTube video below showing The Planet making music.

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