SmartScan Express: Take a photo of a document and turn it into a scanned item for yourself or sending out.


SmartScan Express: the fastest pocket scanner
(4 stars with 358 Ratings) 
iPhone App

We live in a world that is getting increasingly paperless, but that doesn’t mean there are moments where paper isn’t called for. But if you want to digitize those necessary physical documents and items, you can do that on your iPhone with today’s app, SmartScan Express.

SmartScan Express is a simple scanner in your pocket, requiring you to simply take a photo of your document, and then let the app work its magic. You can create PDFs in a jiffy, and then send them out to colleagues as an email attachment. Once you’ve taken the photo, the app will automatically scan for the edges of the documents, and you can adjust them if necessary.

You can then choose to process the document and remove unnecessary shadows and help highlight the document’s content for you. This works for anything from posters to business cards, receipts, and anything else on paper. If you want to go paperless, SmartScan Express could be of service.

App Screenshots

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