iPad Pro details possibly revealed by leaked dummy images.

iPad Pro could prove that size mattesr. Photo: Canoopsy

We still haven’t gotten a glimpse of Apple’s long-rumored 12-inch iPad Pro, but a new set of images of an alleged iPad Pro dummy unit show that the mythical giant tablet might actually be real.

Images of an alleged iPad Pro case posted to Weibo today could potentially reveal some of the new features Apple has in store for it’s enterprise-focused tablet, including a USB-C port in a very unexpected place.

Take a peek:


This isn’t the first time an alleged iPad Pro case has leaked, however this shell looks different from the last leak that showed an iPad Pro with speaker grills above the camera and power switch.

The latest pictures posted on Weibo appear to show a Lightning or USB-C connector on the left side of the device, along with five speaker holes next to the microphone port.

Apple isn’t expected to unveil the next generation of iPads until the fall. Other features for the iPad Pro could include an A8X or A9 processor, a higher-resolution display, and a maybe even a fancy stylus.

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