Add Up To 128GB To Your Macbook Air with Nifty MiniDrive.

The MacBook Air is a beautiful, light, and powerful device. However, for many users, the MacBook Air’s storage options come up a little short. Today’s MacTrast Deal – The Nifty MiniDrive – will allow you to add up to 128GB of extra storage without a bulky hard drive!

MacTrast Deals: Add Up To 128GB To Your Macbook with Nifty MiniDrive

Get the Nifty Macbook MiniDrive – Conveniently Add Up to 128GB of Storage to Your Macbook without a Bulky Hard Drive

Finally, you can add storage to your 13″ MacBook Air without an eye-sore drive tainting your Apple aesthetic. Nifty comes with 4GB of storage, but also lets you slip in your personal micro-SD card to add up to 128GB of space. Nifty blends with your Mac’s color, texture, and shape so seamlessly, you may just forget it’s there.

“…when using standard SD cards and adapters, the end protrudes about a third of an inch out of the side of the computer…The Nifty MiniDrive fixes that…” – TechCrunch


  • Sits completely flush inside your MacBook Air’s SD card slot
  • Perfectly matches the finish of your MacBook Air
  • Crafted with robust engineering plastic
  • Ensures reliable connection with your MacBook Air every time
  • Works with all brands, sizes, and specifications of micro-SD card (up to 128GB)
  • Requires no installation, Internet or technical expertise


  • 13″ MacBook Air (2010 model and up)


  • 4GB micro-SD: fits more than 550 songs, 800 photos, 2 movies


  • 1 Nifty MiniDrive 13″ Air (silver)
  • 1 Nifty Removal Tool (for removing MiniDrive from MacBook)
  • 1 4GB micro-SD card pre-inserted into MiniDrive


  • Free shipping

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