iPhone 6c with metal back: busted.

iPhone 6c with metal back: busted

This morning a rumor flew quick across the Apple-friendly newlines that a new iPhone 5c with metal back was coming on quick. Several photos were included with this “leak”, showing how the next iPhone “C” model would toss aside the colorful plastic of old, coming clean with… basically the same metal frame as the higher-end iPhones. Does that make a lot of sense to you? No? Imagine our surprise when a link was shared to the origin of these images – none other than Ali Express, the auction and sales sitethree.

Is this a busted-rear iPhone 6c cover? Yes, it is busted. It’s not legitimate, certainly not made by Apple, and it’s almost certainly nowhere near the actual size of what’ll end up being Apple’s next iPhone.


Instead you’ve got a case that might fit on the iPhone 6 and more likely doesn’t fit on any device accurately. This is a 3rd-party piece of equipment sold by a printer of 3D objects, one who says the case will fit on the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display – strange!

In the auction, this user suggests the function of this back cover is to “change your phone to 6G looks.” So actually you won’t even get a case that’ll change your device to an iPhone 6c, it’ll be a G. Whatever that means.

Have a peek at our recent iPhone timeline below to see additional bits and pieces for your iPhone and whatever device you plan on picking up next.

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