Some Apple Watch preorders probably won’t ship by April 24.


The Apple Watch isn’t available for preorder until this Friday, and it’s already looking like certain models won’t ship by April 24.

The German online Apple Store was briefly showing some Apple Watch configurations with shipping estimates as late as 4-6 weeks, as noted by Macerkopf. The U.K. Apple Store showed similar estimates earlier today, but they have since been taken down.


The most basic Apple Watch Sport model had shipping dates of April 24 to May 8 for preorders, which is a two-week window. Some mid-tier Apple Watch models with certain straps had estimates of 4 to 6 weeks. That would be quite a long time to wait for something who preorders as soon as possible.

It’s always possible that the estimates were incorrect or some sort of bug, but given how constrained Apple’s launch inventory usually is, the shipping delays wouldn’t be surprising. International markets could also have less supply initially.

The bottom line: even if you preorder Friday, you may not be guaranteed to have an Apple Watch on your doorstep by the 24th.

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