Charge Your iPhone With…Your Furniture?

Apple is just getting in to wireless charging, if you consider the Apple Watch’s magnetic charger to be wireless. Other technologies, like inductive charging have been around and thanks to the Android’s diverse set of manufacturers, this is an area where Apple lags behind.

However, companies like Duracell, which makes the Powermat, and others have tried to remedy the situation. Now, Ikea, of all vendors, is coming to the rescue. The Swedish-based maker of “flat-pack” furniture teased an upcoming line of wireless charging desks, tables, and more. They wouldn’t look out of place in most homes, yet have that secret charging capability. The “plus” sign (or X marks the spot, depending on your angle) is a giveaway for which devices have the feature, and where to set your device to have it charge.


Apple does not offer removable batteries, so Ikea couldn’t just make a swappable battery that charges wirelessly. Instead, as other makers have had to do, they had to make a case that plugs in to the Lightning port. Still, because Ikea has such expertise in minimalist design, they made a slim case that still does the trick.

Ikea case

Not a fan of Ikea furniture? Not a problem. Ikea will sell you a drill bit that lets you install their wireless charging technology into the desk or table of your choice! The line will be available in late spring so make room!

Ikea drill


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