World’s first Gold-plated Apple Watch looks just like a real Edition.


Casey Neistat showed us a brilliant way to turn your cheapo Apple Watch into a luxurious gold Edition, but if you’d like to make your fake Edition look just like the real thing, you can now get it gold plated for a fraction of the cost of Katy Perry’s.

The Time Preserve watch restoration company is promises to match the exact tones yellow and rose color tones of of Jony Ive’s custom gold , thanks to custom-formulated gold electroplating. It’s not as cheap as a can of gold spray point, but for just $650, they’ll add a 5 to 6 micron thick coat of gold to any Apple Watch with the Leather, Modern Buckle, or Sport band.

The company posted a picture of what it claims is the world’s first gold-plated Apple Watch on its Instagram page today:


Prices for Apple Watch gold-plating cost between $650 – $875, depending on which band you have. That price obviously doesn’t include the price of the actual Stainless Steel watch, which you have to provide. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work on the Sport’s aluminum body, but if you want something even super flashy, they also have options for Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium, and Ruthenium.

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