iOS 8 growth slowing, but still enough to shame Android.

iOS 8 adoption continues to pick up. Slowly but surely. Photo: Apple

We’re likely only a couple of months away from the first developer previews of iOS 9, but iOS 8 adoption continues to creepy steadily northwards.

According to Apple’s in-house stats — measured by visits to the App Store on April 27 — 81 percent of eligible iOS devices have now upgraded to Apple’s latest mobile OS. That’s up 2 percent from the last time Apple released its numbers.

Naysayers will likely point to the fact that this is slower than last year’s iOS 7 adoption, which hit a comparable 78% adoption rate just three months after its release. That’s certainly correct, but the fact that four-out-of-five iOS users are using the latest version of iOS is still a stat that would make Android stop dead in its tracks.

By comparison, Android’s two most popular builds remain KitKat and Jelly Bean — despite the fact that the second of these was released in 2012 and last updated in 2013. Android’s iOS 8 equivalent, Lollipop, was released just two months after iOS 8, but shows of up on just 5.4 percent of devices. Talk about fragmentation!

The recent iOS 8 growth was likely helped by the release of iOS 8.3 and possibly the Apple Watch. iOS 8.4 has additionally already been seeded to devs for testing, with the big new feature being a redesigned Music app.

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