‘Remote S’ app for Apple Watch takes control of Tesla Model S.

It's happening

A new video posted to YouTube today has demonstrated what is almost certainly the first Apple Watch app capable of remotely controlling most of the functions of Tesla’s Model S. In the video (which you can watch below), developer Allen Wong shows off a Glance that views an overview of the car’s status before launching into the main app to review its capabilities.

Through the app, Wong is able to issue a series of commands to the vehicle, ranging from rudimentary options like honking the horn or flashing the lights, to bigger settings such as full panoramic roof control (something not even Tesla’s official app offers yet) or controlling the car’s charging state and port.

The app also allows the user to lock or unlock the doors, change the car’s charge limit, modify the climate control settings, geolocate the car on a map, and even start the car using the watch as a key. Once the car is moving, you can also monitor your speed and location right from your wrist.

The app looks to be the same one that was first shown off as a concept by ELKS Software earlier this year. It’s not yet available on the App Store, but Wong says that it is waiting on Apple’s approval. The full demonstration video is embedded below.

Now the big question becomes whether Apple will ship a watch app for its own Project Titan in 2020.

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