BitTorrent’s new app is a secure alternative to iMessage and Snapchat.

You can replace iMessage and Snapchat with Bittorrent's new app. Photo: Bittorrent

BitTorrent’s not just a way to torrent anymore.

Released a couple years ago, BitTorrent Sync proved itself to be a great way to keep your files synced between machines without trusting a service like Dropbox with your data.

And now? BitTorrent Bleep, a serverless chat app, is here to show you you can do without Snapchat or iMessage.

Here’s how it works. Like a chat room from the old days of the Internet, with Bleep, all you do is pick a username, and then anyone else with the app on any platform can securely message you.

Supplying a phone number or email address? It’s optional, and only to help people figure out your username, which you can also share as a secure Bleep key.

BitTorrent Bleep also has Snapchat-like functionality. You can set any message you like as a Whisper, which is a disappearing message.

The big appeal of Bleep is its security. It doesn’t collect metadata on your or store your information in the cloud. It runs in a distributed network, just like BitTorrent does. That makes it secure.

Bleep is now available for iOS. It’s also available for PC, Mac and Android.

Download Bleep here.


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