Barack Obama writes his first tweet from an iPhone.

Barack Obama writes his first tweet from an iPhone

President Barack Obama is finally ready to enter the age of social media. After sitting behind the Resolute desk for six years, the president finally opened his own Twitter account today, but rather than using his hacker-proof BlackBerry to send his first message, POTUS turned to an Apple product.

Here’s his first tweet, sent from an iPhone:


Before he was elected to the Oval Office, Obama was known for being a BlackBerry addict. Shortly after he took office, his allegiance switched to Apple — and he’s been claiming he’s been an iPhone lover ever since.

Steve Jobs even gave Obama an iPad before the device was publicly released, which he’s been spotted using throughout his two terms. Obama still keeps a BlackBerry by his side, and for good reason: Last month it was discovered that Russian hackers had penetrated the president’s unclassified emails, but his BlackBerry remained secure.

Obama will probably keep the BlackBerry until he leaves office next year, but you can follow all his tweets sent from an iPhone over on Twitter @POTUS.


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