PCalc brings its calculator app to Apple Watch w/ Glance & Send to iPhone feature.

TLA Systems has brought is popular calculator app to the Apple Watch today through the latest version of PCalc for iPhone. The PCalc Apple Watch app features a fully functional calculator for quickly crunching numbers from your watch — 1985 Casio-style like the similar Calcbot app — and similarly features a clever tip calculator that makes splitting the bill a cinch.

PCalc for Apple Watch also includes an app Glance that displays the most recent result from PCalc and serves as a shortcut to the calculator app from the watch face. Force Touching in PCalc on Apple Watch brings up a menu that includes a Send to iPhone feature as well.

While Apple includes a calculator app on the iPhone, it does not extend that to the Apple Watch. While it might seem like a throwback to the 80s, discretely calculating your tip and total at dinner has been a slick use of Apple Watch for me so far

PCalc for iPhone with Apple Watch support is available on the App Store for $9.99. Version 3.4 is a free update to existing PCalc 3 for iPhone users.

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