iPhone 7 specs rumors: A10 processor might be a 10nm TSMC job.

iPhone 7 Specs Rumors: A10 Processor

We aren’t anywhere close to the launch of the iPhone 6s, however that still hasn’t stopped rumors from flooding in about 2016’s iPhone 7. The Electronic Daily News says that TSMC, which is making A8 and A9 chips for certain iOS devices, is going to open a 10nm pilot line next month. The project could be further expanded and could end up making A10 chips for Apple’s 2016 iPhone 7 model next year.

Samsung and TSMC will supply A9 chip for this year’s new iPhones and iPads, built on 14nm and 16nm process technology, respectively. But TSMC is already looking forward to making 10nm and 7nm chips, which would be even more efficient than their 16nm predecessors

It might be too early for iPhone 7 rumors, but these new reports seem to indicate that TSMC is really interested in securing Apple orders for future iPhones. The publication says TSMC is aiming to become the sole supplier of A10 chips next year, though it’s also likely that TSMC will build 10nm chips for other potential clients next year not just for the iPhone 7.

TSMC’s main rival for obtaining A10 orders from Apple will still be Samsung, which along with TSMC will likely supply chips for Apple’s iPhone 6s. In addition to besting Samsung, the Taiwanese company is also looking to better compete against Intel’s own chips in the future.

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