Apples Watch apps are about to get the speed boost they desperately need.

Native Apple Watch apps are coming.

Apple Watch is one the most incredible watch I’ve ever owned, but there’s just one problem — the apps are all soooo slow.

That could change pretty soon, according to Apple VP of Operations Jeff Williams, who says Apple will give developers a preview of native Apple Watch apps at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Currently, only Apple’s own apps run natively on the Apple Watch S1 chips. By adding support for third-party software, Apple Watch apps won’t only be faster, they’ll also have access to more sensors.

During his interview at the Code Conference this morning, Williams told Walt Mossberg that third-party apps will get direct access to all of Apple Watch’s sensors, so if you use fitness apps you won’t be forced to use Apple’s built-in exercise app to access all your fitness data. There could even be better games focused on the watch.

Fully native Apple Watch apps won’t come out until the fall, says Williams, but they’ll be much better than the current options. “Third-party apps will get much better when they can release code natively for the watch and have access to native sensors,” said Williams. “That will make for better apps.”

Williams’ interview is still underway at Code Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. You can follow all the action live here.

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