iPhone Live Streaming: Free app streams your screen.

iPhone Live Streaming

For as long as the iPhone has been around, users have wanted to stream their screens on the internet. Now, the developers at Lookback have made that dream a reality. And best of all, their new app is completely free.

Aptly dubbed Unicorns, the group’s new app can be downloaded from their website and installed on a Mac computer. Once the app is installed, all you need to do is connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and click the stream button in the app. Voila! You’re off and streaming.

You’ll get a unique link that can then be shared with anyone and everyone you want to have access to your stream. There’s also a chat mechanism built right into the site, so people can discuss your stream. Think of it as Twitch for your iPhone.

Here’s a demo of iPhone screen streaming in action, and a link to download the app can be found below in our source section.

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