Apple grabs exclusive launch of Showtime app with no subscription

Three months after HBO announced an Apple-exclusive trial for its HBO Now on-demand streaming app that did not require an existing cable or satellite subscription, CBS has announced that it will do the same for its own premium movie and original programming cable channel, Showtime. A new Showtime app for iOS and Apple TV will launch on July 12, and cost $11 per month following a 30-day free trial.

Like the HBO offering, Showtime will be exclusive to Apple for a unspecified period of time before arriving for other platforms. Also like HBO, the company offers both current movies as well as an extensive catalog of current and previous original programming, with shows such as Dexter, Weeds, Californication, Homeland, and United States of Tara, along with original documentaries and other special interest programming.

The formal announcement is likely to be made at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference during the keynote June 8, and like the HBO Now announcement an executive from CBS is likely to appear on stage to announce the new service. HBO Now, which costs $15 a month after a free 30-day trial, has already seen wide interest from former cable subscribers, and has been exclusive to Apple for the past two months, but will soon expand to other platforms as well.

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