iOS 8.4 jailbreak already completed, planned for release later today.


With the release of iOS 8.4 today, many users found themselves faced with the decision to upgrade now or wait until a jailbreak is available so they can continue using their tweaks. That choice just got a lot easier, as the Taig development team has announced that the exploits used in their 8.3 jailbreak are all still available in the new update.

According to a post on the Taig team’s Weibo page, an 8.4-compatible version of the jailbreaking tool will be made available within the next hour or so. The message, when translated to English, reads:

At present, after the official release iOS8.4 only one hour, PP jailbreak jailbreak assistant copied the loophole used by Tai Chi, imitation iOS8.4 jailbreak tool. We strongly condemn the violation assistant PP jailbreak hacker spirit of plagiarism infringement and will take legal action! Taiji jailbreak iOS8.4 jailbreak tool is orderly conduct internal testing. After rigorous testing tool after, we will be officially released in 1 hour!

The first part of the post refers to a tool released by a competing development team that stole the exploits used in the previous version of Taig to quickly release “their own” 8.4 jailbreak. The same company has previously released shady software that installed a piracy-focused App Store clone on jailbroken devices.

You’ll be able to download the new Taig release from the team’s website later today. [Update: it’s out now]


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