Home Sharing taken out of iOS 8.4, confounding users.

Did Apple remove Home Sharing from iOS so you'd have to try Apple Music?

If you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4 in order to take advantage of the insanely great Apple Music, you won’t be able to use Home Sharing to play the iTunes music from your Mac via your iOS device any more.

Several fans took to the Apple discussion pages to note that Home Sharing is no longer accessible on their mobile devices, killing their media setups.

“Before today,” writes forum user ddrucker, “I could bring up the entire library on my iPhone/iPad and play it through my earphones.”

He goes on to say that the update removes a key feature of his setup, but notes that Apple TV still can access the Home Sharing from his Mac.

“They better not remove this feature from that,” he continues, “or there wouldn’t be any point in owning it (here in Canada, most of all of those other icons are useless).”

Home Sharing came to iTunes in 2011, adding the ability to stream music that you have sitting on your Mac to any other Apple device in the house on the same network. It’s a great way to let everyone on your Wi-Fi listen to all of your carefully managed music files without having to physically copy them to their devices.

Home Sharing still works Mac to Mac, and Mac to Apple TV, but it looks like Apple decided that they would really like you to perhaps opt for the Apple Music family plan on your mobile device. That or they just forgot. Ahem.

It’s bugging a lot of Apple fans, though.

“When I had 8.3 installed on my iPhone 5s,” writes Apple Discussion user ktownman, “I could wander around the house and listen to my iTunes library via my Bluetooth headphones and life was good…This is upsetting!!!”

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