This $1,000 case costs more than the iPhone it’s designed to protect.


Given that your smartphone case is supposed to be there to stop you accidentally damaging the expensive electronic device underneath it, it seems slightly bonkers to spend more on protecting your  iPhone than you do on the iPhone itself.

That’s exactly what luxury company Gresso is doing with its new iPhone 6 case, however. Made of 18K Gold and Grade 5 Titanium, the case advertises itself as “luxury minimalism” — in contrast to other high-end iPhone cases which veer to the blinged-out rapper end of the spectrum.

If you ever wanted an iPhone case which says “I’m sophisticated and understated, but still make more in an hour than you do in a month,” this is probably it.

Described as the Regal case, Gresso’s iPhone 6 protector includes upper and lower protective frames joined by a hinge to seal in your iPhone. Since it’s composed of  PVD-coated titanium (a process which takes 8 hours of machine work and a further three of manual polishing), the case is resistant to problems like bending and accidental compression.

The cases are currently available from Gresso’s online store, but are limited to just 999 units — which means you’ll probably have to rush to beat the oligarchs, CEOs, and assorted royal family members who are already eyeing it up.

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