Wallpapers of the Week: Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park iDownloadBlog Splash Wallpaper

Before focus shifts completely to El Capitan this fall, we wanted to capture the wholistic beauty of Yosemite National Park instead of focusing on a single mountain. The park, which is the focal point of the two most recent OS X operating system naming conventions, was first protected in 1864.

Totaling 1,200 square miles, Yosemite is accentuated by natural valleys and steep rising cliffs, formed thousands of years ago by glaciers. Four million visitors trek to the park each year to take in the beauty. We are continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section to highlight that natural allure.

Yosemite National Park wallpapers

os-x-yosemite-wallpaper-apple-34-iphone6-plus-wallpaper splash


wallpaper-yosemite-mountain-nature-34-iphone6-plus-wallpaper splash


wallpaper-glacier-point-at-sunset-yosemite-mountain-9-wallpaper splash


Half Dome Splash


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