Apple Music already has half Spotify’s subscriber numbers.


Some of the streaming numbers on Apple Music’s biggest tracks — particularly on newer hip-hop songs — are said to be rivalling the number of listens on Spotify, according to a new report.

Apple Music has only been around for a month, but music label insiders claim it has already surprised people by attracting more than 10 million subscribers.

If accurate, those numbers are phenomenal, given that Spotify only has a little over 20 million paying subscribers after being around since 2006. The majority of its listeners are non-paying.

These numbers don’t give a true indication of Apple Music’s popularity, since this is still its free three-month trial, but if Apple retains a decent percentage of these listeners, it’s fair to say that the exercise has been a major success.

The report also claims that Apple will be using the MTV Video Music Awards to heavily publicize its streaming music service, which may help explain the cross-promotion in which VMA nominees were announced on Beats 1 radio.

Not everything about Apple Music’s first month has been quite so successful, however. In addition to the early controversy with Taylor Swift over streaming fees, Apple is also facing an FTC antitrust investigation — although a report from yesterday, citing a law professor, suggests the case may be without merit.

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