The Weeknd blows up VMAs with trippy Apple Music ads.

John Travolta's cameo isn't the only odd thing about the new Apple Music ad.

The Weeknd’s performance of “I Can’t Feel My Face” at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was so hot, even Kanye got up to dance to the song of summer. The singer didn’t go home with a moon man last night but Apple Music debuted a two-part ad that features John Travolta and a trippy club scene.

Watch both ads below:

Part 1:

Apple Music has played songs by The Weeknd more than any other artist this summer. His newest album, Beauty Behind the Madness, was released August 28 and is available for streaming on Apple Music.

Part 2:

Apple TV catches Game Pass service featuring live preseason football games on updated NFL app.

Apple TV users may notice a new coat of paint on the NFL app today. That’s because the set-top box’s NFL channel has received a major update that adds the new Game Pass feature for football fans. We first learned last month that the NFL’s Game Pass service was headed to Apple TV.

Game Pass on Apple TV currently offers up both live and on demand preseason football games both in full and condensed versions for subscribers, plus highlights from each game that anyone can view for free. Game Pass also boasts featuring every NFL game since 2012 in HD without commercials including the last Super Bowl. Beyond 2012, Game Pass includes footage dating back to 2009.

Apple TV NFL Game Pass

Subscribing to Game Pass through Apple TV costs $99.99 with a subscription running through July 31st of next year. Aside from being able to view preseason games out of market, Game Pass offers up “all 256 regular season games on-demand” across various platforms. While it still doesn’t offer up live gameplay for regular season games, a subscription does include access to gameday audio. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the new feature highlighted next week as Apple unveils an updated Apple TV box on September 9th.

September 9 event wallpapers: “Hey Siri, give us a hint”

Hey Siri give us a hint splash

On Thursday, August 27, Apple released the media invitation for an event on September 9. The fall announcements typically highlight updates for iOS devices. Sometimes iPhone and iPad are announced separately, but it is estimated both devices will receive a refresh in the coming weeks.

In line with new invitations, the web quickly rushes to build corresponding, celebratory wallpapers. Inside, we have some quick work done by avid iDB readers. Within hours, they shared their collections and we pass them on to you.


Apple Event September 9 Wallpaper stijn_d3sign splash

full white (center); half opacity (left); full opacity (right)

September 9 Wallpaper Splash

iPad (left); desktop (5K)

iPhone (right); matching iPad (not pictured)

The popSLATE Is a Second Screen for Your iPhone.

The popSLATE case is a second screen for your iPhone. Use it for grocery lists, gym schedule, workout routines, or to display your favorite pictures. When the folks at popSLATE sent over the case a few weeks ago, I had no idea how useful I would find it! I’ve found a ton of uses for it, and I’m finding more every day.

The popSLATE iPhone 6 case ($129) connects to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you a second screen (black and white–like a Kindle) to display important information like boarding passes, grocery lists, and other things you’ll need to refer to quickly or often. Because the information is on the back of your phone, you won’t be turning your phone on and off, searching for different apps, or scrolling through your photo albums for images that you need. Here’s how I’ve been using it.

  • Grocery List: I’m always getting distracted when I grocery shop because I use an app on my phone for my list. When someone texts, or a notification comes in, I usually pop over to see what it’s about, causing me to waste time attempting to multitask. Using the popSLATE case as my grocery list, I keep my phone face down in the cart and stay on task.
  • Gym Classes: During the week, I switch my popSLATE to show my gym’s schedule so I can glance and view their schedule at a moment’s notice—no excuses for missing!
  • Boarding Pass: Saving my boarding pass as my popSLATE image allows it to be quickly accessed and scanned by security agents.
  • Workout Routines: I love saving my workout routine so I can stay focused while lifting weights and not drain my battery by repeatedly waking my phone up to look.

popSLATE second screen

Here’s how the popSLATE works:

1. Connect your phone to the popSLATE via Bluetooth.

2. Using the popSLATE app, browse other user’s images or upload your own.

second screen iPhone

3. Find the image you’d like shown on your popSLATE second screen and tap “pop.” Your image is immediately sent to the popSLATE screen.

iPhone second screen

The slideshow feature allows for eight images to be stored on the popSLATE device and then cycled through using the small button on the side, no connection needed. By going into the app under Me and then under Slate you can choose to clear all image on that are saved on your popSLATE, and save eight more


  • So many uses!
  • Sleek two-piece design
  • Easy access to charging and headphone ports
  • I love the quick change slideshow button



  • Case isn’t as protective as I’d like. I’d love to see a silicone inner layer or more screen protection.
  • Sometimes there is a “ghost” image on the screen of the image before. I find that choosing a dark image and then replacing it with the image you’d like will clear that up—it’s not a huge deal to me.

The Final Verdict:

I love it! I’m buying one for my husband for Christmas this year, and am finding more and more uses for the popSLATE as time goes on.

Tweaks of the week: FutureLock, MusicScroller, SimpleReach, and more.

Cydia Home iPhone 6

Another interesting week for the jailbreak community. Despite the reports of thousands of iCloud account being compromised by some shady jailbreak tweaks installed from some shady repos you’ve probably never heard of, we’ve seen some good tweaks being released in Cydia.

In case you don’t want to scroll through dozens and dozens of packages, we round up all the new jailbreak tweaks that appeared this week on Cydia.

BootLogoCustomizer: changes the color of your boot logo ($1 )

Bragi: redesigned music controls for Control Center and Reachability ($1)

CCMore: adds more features to Control Center ($1.99)

Docker: doubles the capacity of your iPhone’s dock ($1.99)

Fast Freeze: an Activator action that freezes running apps in memory ($1)

FullResShare: allows you to attache full resolution album artworks for shared songs (free)

FutureLock: drastically enhances the Lock screen with various features ($2.50)

GrabKiller: lets you tap the Control Center grabber to kill all apps in the switcher (free)

Mezode: changes the Messages top bar color to the type of message you’re sending (free)

MusicScroller: adds a pop-up alphabet indicator to the Music app (free)

MusicTransport: sends music or sound effects over phone calls ($2.99)

NoUpdateAll: removes the Update All button in the App Store app (free)

PowerColor: brings custom color gradients to the iOS battery indicator (free)

PulseVolumeAlert: makes a vibration when you listen to music with headphones too loud (free)

QuickSwipe: lets you swipe to dismiss videos in Safari (free)

Rotary Lock: a combination lock for the Lock screen ($0.99)

Sentinel: an extension that gives you more control about numbers you block ($2.99)

SimpleReach: makes Reachability better ($0.99)

SmartClose: puts your app in deep freeze without unloading them (free)

TranslateMe: translate text with ActionMenu (free)

WGradRemover: gets rid of the wallpaper gradient overlay shadow (free)

Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 stays & gets new streaming service.


With the official debut of the next-generation Apple TV less than two weeks away, sources have provided additional details on Apple’s pricing, availability, and product lineup plans for its set-top devices. According to sources, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be priced below $200, and is on track to become available in October. Apple executives are apparently still finalizing the price of the revamped living room device, but the latest options call for a starting price point of either $149 or $199, both higher than the third-generation Apple TV…

The new Apple TV will come at a premium price compared with the current model, which was originally priced at $99 from its launch in 2012, then was reduced to $69 this March. As the new box will be considerably more expensive than popular alternatives from Roku, Google and Amazon, Apple plans to keep the $69 third-generation device for sale as an entry level model within the Apple TV product line. The new Apple TV 4 will be very similar to the current model in appearance, but it will be thicker and slightly wider, sources say.

Apple’s next-generation Apple TV will include a number of new features to differentiate itself from the older version, including Siri support, a new remote control, an App Store with a Software Development Kit for developers, and a refreshed user interface. As soon as next year, Apple plans to release a cable-replacing streaming TV service that bundles multiple television channels for a price as low as $40 per month, but the new Apple TV will initially still require logins to cable networks to unlock content.

According to our sources, the software update that enables Apple’s cable-replacement service is currently planned to also become available for the third-generation Apple TV. However, the current model will not receive support for the upcoming App Store, nor will it be directly controllable by Siri. We will have more details on the new Apple TV’s gaming, Siri, and remote control functionality in the coming days.

Apple also plans to introduce the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at its September 9th event. As we have reported, the new smartphones will include Force Touch-capable displays, a new Rose Gold color option, 12 megapixel cameras with 4K videorecording support, more efficient wireless chips from Qualcomm, faster A9 processors with double the RAM and better battery life, and improved front-facing cameras for FaceTime. Apple, however, will not be introducing a new 4-inch “iPhone 6c.”

Ex-Apple engineer wants you to think different about furniture.

Campaign chair

Here’s good news for anyone who has had to carry a heavy couch up or down several flights of stairs and/or through narrow doorways: You can now pre-order a sofa that will fit into easily portable boxes.

This is Campaign furniture, and the company’s head is Brad Sewell, a former supply base engineer for Apple who worked with the iPod and iPhone manufacturing design team and clearly picked up a few tips while he was there. And right away, the company is taking on the big names in affordable home furniture.

“IKEA leaves much to be desired in terms of an assembly experience,” Sewell said (via Entrepreneur). “If you do the cost analysis, the shipping and your time would make that piece way more than it’s going for.”

Campaign launched its site this week. So far, you can order a chair, a loveseat, or a couch, but the company plans to expand beyond the living room in the future with bedroom sets and outdoor furniture, Entrepreneur reports.

For $95, you can claim a piece in one of five colors, and the first units are set to ship in November. The final prices will be $495 for the chair, $745 for the loveseat, and $995 for the sofa, which places them at a bit higher price point than comparable furniture from Ikea, but it will reportedly include shipping costs.

Campaign’s definitely making an interesting proposition here, and I’m all in favor of anything that makes moving easier. Especially if it keeps crap like this from happening.