Treat your ears to awesome Apple Music playlists.

Tired of Apple Music's playlists? Try something even more indie.You can make your own playlists, too, and share them out to friends and family, but what if you want to see other people’s playlists? There’s just no way to pop on to Apple Music and see what playlists strangers are making.

Now, however, a new website called Playlist Hunt brings you the next best thing: a site dedicated to sharing and playing playlists by its members.

With Playlist Hunt, you’re able to browse, search, and create your own playlists on the service’s website, and you can click through any of them to listen right on your iPhone or your Mac via Apple Music (or Spotify).

Head on over to Playlist Hunt and you’ll see a list of playlists that users have created on a daily basis, like “2000s Hip-Hop” or “Run Wild,” a workout playlist created by Natalie Simpson that has “Fast Folk and aggressive Americana guaranteed to open up your stride and push your workout to the limits.”

If you’re tired of the polish of Apple Music’s own playlists, this site might just be the answer to finding new music and playlists from other humans just like you.

Sign-up is free; you simply use Twitter or Facebook to connect to the service, and you can start listening and making your own Apple Music playlists in minutes.

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