This power strip will take all devices and not overcharge.

Satechi's aluminum power strip provides one elegant charging home for your devices.

Each of our devices needs a mothership so to speak, that place where, at the end of a long day with the battery in the red, they can all return to one place and dock to recharge. This thought occurs to me every time I go to leave the house and must first round up my phone, iPad, computer and camera batteries from the various outlets I left them at the night before.

The accessories company Satechi has built the International Space Station of power strips.

The power strip has four USB ports and four and four AC outlets.

It features four AC outlets and four USB ports that will efficiently charge your devices and protect them from damage due to over-current or too much voltage. The strip’s IC smart technology adjusts the power being used to match requirements for each device. Power surges, according to Satechi, need not be a worry.

While Satechi likes to show off the elegant aluminum strip with every device imaginable plugged in, it does recommend you use only two of the four USB ports at one time for a quicker charge.

Satechi realizes there are many surge protectors and outlet adapters on the market, but for 10 years it has prided itself on designing supportive accessories that look attractive and are apt to complement the lines and textures of devices from companies, like Apple. If you looked at the power strip for the first time next to the latest iMac, you might think it came with the computer.

The Satechi aluminum power strip went on sale this week for $39.99 and can be purchased on the company’s website or Amazon.

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